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Harpoon is a seed focused venture capital firm. Our mission is to ensure American technological dominance for future generations.

We invest in audacious founders building mission-critical capabilities across AI, deep tech, software infrastructure, and cybersecurity. To date, we’ve helped our companies earn $500M in contracted revenue and $1B in follow-on financing, resulting in multiple unicorns in our portfolio.



"Harpoon has been instrumental in Kodiak’s journey, from supporting us on our first SBIR contract to advising us on our $50 million project with the U.S. Army. During that time, I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know the Harpoon team, and can say with confidence that their commitment and depth of expertise are unmatched."

Don Burnette

Founder and CEO of Kodiak

“Larsen is a guy who knows how to roll up his sleeves. He and Harpoon have proven to be one of the most impactful investors on our cap table, going above and beyond on multiple occasions. Among other things, they introduced us to government customers and helped lay the groundwork for what would become our government business. It was a huge value add.”

John Gedmark

Co-Founder and CEO of Astranis

“We've been fortunate to partner with Harpoon early in our journey. Today, it seems obvious to many that AI Risk is an important mission and a big market, but that wasn't the case up until recently. Larsen and team saw this before almost anyone else did. Harpoon has been instrumental to our success, from vision, through team building to enterprise and Federal sales. We feel fortunate to be part of their incredible portfolio and thrilled to have Harpoon with us in years to come.”

Yaron Singer

Co-founder and CEO of Robust Intelligence

“Lots of VCs will tell you, 'We have an inside line to the government.' But for companies like Merlin, whose approach provides near-term value to the DoD as well as long-term applicability, we truly benefit from those claims being truthful and actionable. At every turn Harpoon actually backs up what they say with intros that move our work and company forward.”

Matt George

Founder and CEO of Merlin Labs

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Harpoon embodies an unrelenting work ethic, discipline, focus, risk management, and determination. This mentality is our core driver and what sets us apart from other firms.

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